New Drive-In Services Schedule

Saturday - 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:30am


  1. There will be two entrances:
    One Berryhill Road Entrance & Taylor Road Entrance

  2. Cars will be parked in every other parking spot in designated area.

  3. Song lyrics and sermon notes will be posted in the TRBC app.

  4. Please stay in your vehicles on church property.

  5. NO ONE will be allowed inside the building for any reason.

  6. All passengers in vehicles MUST BE from the same residence.

  7. Families are asked to bring only ONE vehicle.

  8. Parking lot volunteers will be posted at exits with offering boxes.

  9. Drivers will be asked to turn their vehicles off and roll down windows.

  10. Worship services will still be streamed every Sunday morning on Facebook and YouTube


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