The Next Step Tomorrow Morning

The Next Step. This has been our theme for 2019 and, not to be a spoiler, it will be our theme in 2020 and beyond.

Here's the reason. All of us have a next step to take. For followers of Jesus we understand that to "follow" implies movement which implies taking steps. There's not a single one of us that has arrived. We all have areas that God is calling us to follow Him in deeper faith and obedience. That's what the Bible calls "sanctification."

With that in mind I want to encourage you regarding tomorrow morning and our Sunday worship gatherings. Many of you (Taylor Road members) serve and volunteer week in and week out. Some of you serve in our bed babies and toddler nursery. That baby you're holding may have a mom or dad who need to hear the good news of Jesus and take their next step. Some of you work as children's, youth, college and adult Sunday School teachers. Tomorrow (or some other Sunday), some of you will be greeters that welcome people to Sunday School. Some of you will be wearing red t-shirts and joyfully welcome people to worship as Door Holders. Some of you will be ushers, some will sing in the choir, some will play instruments. I think you get the picture.

Why am I saying all of this? Is it to put out a plea for "more help?" No. It's to encourage you. I want to remind you of why what you're doing is important - no matter where you're serving tomorrow. You never know who you will interact with tomorrow. It might possibly be that God is moving in that person's life and they are about to take their next step. It might be a teenager in your Sunday School class that God is speaking to. As a Door Holder, it might be a guest who needs to know that God loves them. If you're in the choir God may use the song you sing and the joy you sing it with to move someone into their next step. It's possible that you may be instrumental in helping someone take their first step to Jesus! How awesome is that!

That's the heartbeat of our church. We want to help people take their next step in following Jesus!

Now, for those who might be reading this that aren't currently serving somewhere. Let me tell you something. There's no greater joy in life than helping someone either meet Jesus or take steps in following Him more closely.

If you aren't serving anywhere let me help you take YOUR next step! I want to point you in the direction of our Door Holder ministry. Hey, if nothing else, you get a free t-shirt! In all seriousness, this is a vital ministry because many first time guests will make their first visit at our 10:30 worship gathering. Don't you want to be on the front lines of welcoming them into God's house? Don't you want to help someone take their next step?

If you do, email Seth Dunnington. He'd LOVE to help you take your step of obedience! (

I can't wait to worship with you tomorrow!

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