2021 Sermon Series



Part Five of the Genesis Series 


Recovery "Holy Spirit":

Re-Discovering the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit



Re-Discovering the HEART of the Christian Life


Genesis: Covenant is a continuation of our study through the book of Genesis. We find insight to our relationship with God through the life of Abraham and his relationship with God during the many challenges he faced. 


Come Together, a three part series, takes a moment to look back to the early church to see how we should move forward today. Based in Acts 2, Pastor Daniel explores the foundations of the church, teaching you how to be a part of the church in todays culture. 


Easter Series: Overcome; Jesus said, "...for I have overcome the world." When you feel overcome by life, remember this, Jesus has already overcome the world. Find Strength in the life of Christ!

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Genesis : The Grace of God is our third series in our journey through the book of Genesis.

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The Waters of God begins our second series in Genesis. 

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Genesis : Beginnings; this series begins our journey through the entire book of Genesis. Starting with the beginning. 

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