The saddest realities in the lives of most Christians is that we don't understand what's available to us!  In Ephesians 3:8, the apostle Paul says that there is available to us "the unsearchable riches of Christ."  Think about those words - "unsearchable riches of Christ."  The promises of God, the power of God, the peace of God - all of this is infinitely available to us yet the majority of professing Christians are content with attending church once a week, occasionally skimming over the Bible, living defeated, and calling that a "walk with God."  


In this brand new sermon series, "Pathways of Grace," Pastor Daniel will unpack what all is available to us in Christ and the means by which we can receive, by faith, the grace of God.  We will discover three pathways of grace: Hearing God's Voice, Having God's Ear, and Fellowship with the Body.


Join us Sunday's at 9:15am for Sunday School and 10:30am for worship!

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